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Line Dance Association
Of Australia

Sponsorship for 2003

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Promotion Brief

In late January each year up to 8000 dancers travel from all over Australia and overseas to the city of Tamworth, located inland mid way between Sydney and Brisbane, to compete in Australia’s premier Line Dance event of the year.

ALDC - The Australia Line Dance Championships.

The 2003 event runs from 18 January commencing with a welcoming social evening followed by the start of the competition programme bright and early the next morning. All parties that attend this event will, with each day, leave in awe of seeing some of the highest quality of line dancing in the world. Approximately seven hours of competitions will run throughout each day with social dancing in the evening. This exciting event, attracting around twelve hundred competitors and thousands of spectators runs for six days, culminating with the Championship Ball held on Saturday 25 January. The assistance of corporate sponsorship will allow us to award high quality medals and prizes to the competitors and assist with the considerable running costs of such a large event. This will encourage growth in the competition of line dancing and in turn attract more visitors to the Tamworth. Additionally sponsorship name recognition will be carried back with the competitors/visitors/spectators to their home communities and cities. Sponsors can choose what part of the event they want to sponsor.

Gold Level
Silver level
Programme Advertising

Major Sponsorship and their advertising benefits: $5000.00 Gold level Sponsorship and their advertising benefits: $3000.00 Silver level Sponsorship and their advertising benefits: $1000.00 Section Sponsorship and their advertising benefits: $100.00 per section

  Programme Advertisements (artwork needs to be supplied)

  • Full Page- $600.00
  • ½ Page- $400.00
  • ¼ Page- $300.00
  • Business Card size- $150.00

Donations Donations can be made in the form of :

Verbal announcements of your donations will be made during the whole event.

All sponsorships are negotiable. A number of line dance clubs have organised a fundraising function to raise sponsorship funds. This allows people from all areas of the line dance community to be involved, show support and ensure the viability of the championships. If you would like to offer your support please contact us so we may discuss the options most suitable for you. We would of course be pleased to consider any other ideas you may have.

Thank you for your interest please email me at

David Bowers
Custodial Officer






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