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Line Dance Association
Of Australia

ALDC Solo Dances Submission

ALDC Management Committee is in the process of choosing the dances to be performed at the Solo section of the Australian Line Dance Competition (ALDC).

We are endeavouring to pick dances that are:

              • Currently being danced
              • Choreographed well
              • A pleasure to perform
              • Entertaining to spectators.

We invite you to participate in this process by supplying us with as many of the names of dances as you like in each section listed below.

Solo Dances Selection Guidelines
As a guild, where possible the chosen dances should have one or more of these elements:-

  • Australian choreographer

  • Australian artist

  • Selected dances should be appropriate for age category, not contain obscene or inappropriate lyrics,

  • Selected dances should be phrased to the music and be danced to the music chosen by the dance choreographer.

  • Selected dances should NOT exceed 4 minutes 30 seconds.

  • A selected dance should have a minimum of four full repetitions (vanillas) in total

  • They should contain an adequate number of step patterns to allow entrants to perform at the highest possible standard

  • Dances chosen for Solo freestyle sections where variations are scored after the second vanilla should have sufficient variety in the original step patterns to allow a wide range of adaptions.

  • A selected dance should have a minimum of 32 counts and a maximum of 96 counts

  • The dances for any given section should vary in style and tempo eg. a slow 66 count waltz and a medium/fast paced 48 count ChaCha as opposed to two slow pace dances , or two fast pace dances.

  • As far as possible, whilst selecting dances that will be popular with the competitors who dance them, avoid choreography that has excessive restarts, tags or breaks.

  • Clear, well formatted, easy to understand, unambiguous, step description choreography sheets should be available for each selected dance and the sheet should stipulate who the choreographer is, what the music is, and where the dance starts.

  • Dances that are currently danced across Australia and are reasonably well known (not just in one area or state) should be given first consideration.

Fill out the following information (BOLD FIELD are mandatory) and click 'Submit'.

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Home Phone:
10 & Under - Solo Dance 1:
16 & Under - Solo Dance 1:
16 & Under - Solo Dance 2:
17 & Over - Solo Dance 1:
17 & Over - Solo Dance 2:
40 & Over (Bronze) - Solo Dance 1:
40 & Over (Bronze) - Solo Dance 2:
50 & Over (Silver) - Solo Dance 1:
50 & Over (Silver) - Solo Dance 2:
60 & Over (Gold) - Solo Dance 1:
60 & Over (Gold) - Solo Dance 2:
Open - Solo Dance 1:
Open - Solo Dance 2:





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