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Line Dance Association
Of Australia

11th Australian Line Dance Championships
Tamworth, 18-25 January 2003

Ph/fax. (02) 9981 2778 or Fax: (02) 8569 0970
PO Box 451 Narrabeen NSW 2101 Web: e-mail:

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How to Buy a Spectators Ticket

To gain entry as a spectator to the ALDC just follow these easy points

  1. Obtain a copy of the payment form by either down loading it or by calling the ALDC management committee on (02) 9981 2778 and we can fax or e-mail for you to print, or post a NCR (No Carbon Required) form out to you which will allow you to have you own copy.
  2. Fill out the Payment form by firstly placing either your Club / Group / Instructorís or your own name at the top of this page.. The address details then need to be filled out in full, as this is what will be placed on your receipt.
  3. Mark in the quantities and price for each item. Slowly go through the list so that you donít miss anything. Be careful not the fill in the top dancer zone area. (Unless you are dancing)
  4. Place the final totals at the bottom of the page. On the "Price" column, follow the arrow down and place the amount on the correct line, either for cheque and "tick the box" or the credit card and "tick the box".
  5. The credit card details need to be entered in full and must be correct or in the case of a cheque it needs to be made out to ALDC, just print the letters "ALDC"
  6. Separate the white copy from the pink copy and place this "Pink" copy with YOUR records and ensure that the white original is returned to the ALDC management committee.
  7. To send the ORIGINAL form to ALDC management committee, you can post it to:
  8. ALDC
    PO Box 451
    Narrabeen NSW 2101

  9. Or for credit cards, fax it to Ph/fax. (02) 9981 2778 or Fax: (02) 8569 0970
  10. Or if you are right up to date with a scanner, scan the form and e-mail it to


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