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Line Dance Association
Of Australia

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Minutes of the Annual General Meeting
Held at Calrossy Auditorium,140 Brisbane Street, TAMWORTH
Saturday, 25 January, 2003

Meeting commenced at 1.15pm

Present: Sid Bowers, David Bowers, Lesley Bowers, Georgina Parker, Peter Heath, Kelvin Dale, Tracey Camm, Sue Simon, Jenny Walker, Greg Dunstone, Miriam Wright, Ruth Marks, Warren Mitchell, Cathryn Proudfoot, Bill Monsieur, Pam Monsieur, John Bishop, Tina Scammell, Wayne Hodge, Lorraine Hibbard. Samantha Dixon, Kay Blakeley, Roxanne Kumre, Chris Kumre, Lyn Kerr

Apologies: Gordon Elliott, Wendy Hughes, Chris Watson, Noel Bradey, Michael Vera-Lobos

No Proxies received:

  1. Sid proposed, Georgina seconded, that Peter Heath be elected Chairman for the AGM. Unanimously agreed.

  2. Minutes from last yearís Annual General Meeting held in Tamworth in 2002 were posted on the website and also posted out.

    Proposed by Tracey, seconded by Cathryn that the Minutes of last yearís AGM be accepted without alteration. Unanimously agreed.

  3. Georgina Parker presented a report detailing the activities of LDAA over the last 12 months.

    Proposed by Cathryn, seconded by Bill, that Georginaís report be accepted. Unanimously agreed.

  4. David presented a trial balance sheet to November 2002 and explained our financial position. His report is available to be viewed on request. Total LDAA membership as at todayís date is about 260.

    Proposed Tracey, seconded Georgina that Davidís report be accepted. Unanimously agreed.

  5. Peter suggested a motion be passed that the payment structure of $100 per week as passed in previous Minutes, be paid to Divís Publications.

    Proposed by Sue, seconded by Kelvin. Unanimously agreed
  6. Re: Election of Management Committee:

  7. Peter has been a bit confused that the titles allocated do not properly describe the duties undertake by the Committee members. He then read out paragraph 7(b) of the Constitution which defines the titles.

    Nomination sheets for election to the Management Committee were held by the Chairman as follows:
    Sue Simon;
    Georgina Parker
    David Bowers
    Bill Monsieur
    Peter Heath
    Tracey Camm
    Kelvin Dale
    Chris Kumre
    Jenny Walker
    Cathryn Proudfoot

    Peter explained what being a Committee member entailed and asked for nominations from the floor.

    We have 9 positions and 10 nominations so Cathryn voluntarily withdrew and said she would be happy to help out in any way she could. Proposed by Cathryn and seconded by Samantha that the nominations be accepted. Unanimously agreed.

    Sid said our Constitution could be changed so that we can have more than nine people on the Committee. There was discussion about this and it was agreed the Committee would remain at 9.
  8. General Business:

  9. Representatives from APRA addressed the meeting on the subject of copyright as opposed to licensing. Information was distributed to all present.

  10. New member Wayne Hodge from WA mentioned that one of the main expenses involved in teaching linedance was the cost of music. Kelvin talked about insurance and the restrictions involved.

  11. David detailed some of the duties undertaken by Jenny and wanted to thank her publicly for the extremely hard work and long hours she put in for LDAA and the successful running of the ALDC and the Championships.

    LDAA took on the Championships and tried to make it a "competitorsí championships". There was general discussion about the holding of State Championships. We need to feed our Tamworth Championships by conducting State Titles. It costs around $30,000 to hold the Australian Championships at Calrossy. To make it better we can educate people and ask them to support us.

    We need to discuss a management panel for the key areas in holding a competition. We need a stage manager, M/C, volunteersí manager, DJ etc. Jenny detailed ways to streamline the management of Competitions, but Peter asked that talk of the Championships be deferred to the debrief session being held at Calrossy the next day.
  12. Re: State Championships

  13. Kelvin asked for the criteria involved in holding State Championships and were they supposed to send the best in each State to the Tamworth Championships. David explained that the Tamworth Championships are an open competition and the State Championships would be used for motivation for Tamworth. LDAA would support anyone wanting to run a State Championships.

    Chris said that State Championships are good for people to practise their skills before competing in Tamworth. He also suggested ways things could be improved for the next Tamworth Champs.

    Wayne said he has spoken to about 12 Clubs in WA who would support an LDAA run competition.

    Tina suggested that Clubs not be self promoting and the main emphasis should be on LDAA instead of the individual clubs. Peter agreed and said it would be a way for LDAA to prove themselves.

    Cathryn asked if the Tamworth Championships had to be held the week of the Country Music Festival. There was discussion about this and all agreed that is then the Championships should be held.

  14. Kay asked why the debrief is being held on Sunday when most people will be travelling home. Agreed Sunday was the only day it could be held as the rest of the week was used for competing.
  15. Re: Education

  16. Sue spoke. Each member received three pages of information about the qualifications for teachers and said LDAA could be a Registered Training Organization (RTO). She explained about the various modules which can be put together on an annual basis and which can be built on. This would ensure a competency standard system. Cathryn said teachers could investigate education places in their own area and forward information to LDAA.

  17. Wayne suggested LDAA should employ a full time person which could be funded by various means. Peter suggested Wayne could put something in writing and submit it to LDAA.

  18. Sid then detailed some of the emails received by LDAA:
    A woman from Hong Kong is going to come back and bring some supporters with her;
    Ditto re a woman from England;
    Singapore were coming to Tamworth and then decided against it. Perhaps we could issue them with an invitation;
    People should being their banners to be hung at Calrossy;
    A woman from USA commented on the expertise of Australian dancers;
    A person from UK asked for places to dance and/or teach in Australia.
  19. Re: Cost of Music

  20. Peter gave details of LDAA members who put together CD compilations for instructors. There was discussion about money spent on music for dances that donít last. We need to look further into this.
  21. Re: Calrossy Socials

  22. Wayne spoke about the lack of numbers at the night time socials held at Calrossy. There was discussion about this and Jenny said none of the socials were patronised and they all suffered from lack of promotion. This will also be looked into. John thinks linedancers are over serviced re socials etc.

    Lyn thought last year was better organised and the socials were better promoted. The competition finished earlier so people could go home and freshen up before going out again for the social. Bill suggested we could hold a social every second night instead of every night.

  23. Kelvin spoke re insurance and said the insurance offered by LDAA is not as comprehensive as it needs to be. Sid spoke of Dance Surance and said he is investigating it and will get back to us about it later.

  24. Bill said his Club wanted to have a new banner made up and wants the LDAA logo on it. He was asked to put his submission in writing to cover himself for the future.

  25. There being no further business the meeting finished at 3.18pm.


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