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I acknowledge your application and welcome you as a Internet member of the LDAA

Do you have any questions?

 Who are we ?

What can we do for you ?

Are you getting the benefits of your Association ?

What are we called?

The LDAA Line Dance Association of Australia Inc.
ABN 72 762 230 096
our location is Sydney, Australia
we are a non-profit association

When and Why did we Start?

We were formed in 1994, by Greg North who's idea was to have a single organisation to actively support and promote Line Dancing to enthusiasts throughout Australia.

He also wanted to help the "small" Professional Instructor to overcome the problems in setting up and maintaining line dance classes. (For example, licensing and insurance are two areas which the association has had a major part in clarifying and reducing costs considerably.)

Why are we still going ?

Professional Instructors need up-to-date unbiased information to be provided regularly. The association, having access to 250 plus instructors (Yes, currently, 250+), gives a good picture of what is happening in Line dancing community. This "Information" is also open and passed on to all line dancers throughout Australia.

Information is listed on the web page at,
and newsletters are posted and emailed out.

Internet Member Benefits

Regular Newsletter & Fact Sheet.
E-mail to your computer

Feature articles include:

*Venue which carries detailed calendar listings, state by state.

*Events clearly listed so you can plan ahead.

*Competition Results to keep you up to date.

*Internet Member Interactive Section your chance to have a say about what's happening within the Line Dancing Community.

*List of top Dances - up to the minute information on the popular dances
being taught around the country.


*Nationwide Guide which is located on our web site at
for all members detailing classes, venues and
e-mail address (Central Point)

*Telephone Answering service: is voluntary manned to take phone calls from instructors and the public.

Thank you.