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Benefits of the Association

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This Organisation has contact with most line dance instructors throughout Australia. Information about classes, venues and events can be found on the web at or by ringing 02 9981 2778.

We are a nonprofit organisation aimed at promoting line dancing and supporting it's members. Membership is open to Instructors, Dancers and Clubs.

We were formed in 1994,with the idea of having a single organisation to actively support and promote Line Dancing to enthusiasts throughout Australia.

The another goal of the association was to help the "small" Professional Instructor to overcome the problems in setting up and maintaining line dance classes. (For example, licensing and insurance are two areas which the association has had a major part in clarifying and reducing costs considerably.)


These are crippling to any instructor costing $600 to $800 a year for personal, public liability and product liability etc. per instructor. This association is the only organisation to accommodate all of these into one easy policy with a price of $215 a year. A huge saving for members.

The policy was fully investigated and designed to give instructors the best coverage. Both the instructor and the class members are covered for public and product liability.


APRA act on behalf of music copyright owners to administer certain rights which are granted under the Commonwealth Copyright Act 1968.

They do this by licensing and collecting licence fees from music users and then distributing the licence fees collected (as royalty payments) to the copyright owners whose works have been used.

The organisations and individuals who receive royalties from APRA are members of APRA. These are the people who created the music you use!

If an individual or organisation wishes to use copyright music they will require a licence from APRA or AMCOS (subject to a few exceptions). If a licence is not obtained when required, a copyright user may infringe copyright laws.

The LDAA has permission to issue the following licences on behalf of APRA. These are $78 for a class and $110 for both classes and socials. The savings are enormous considering that the licences from APRA are based on a per class charge and event charge at the present time is $ 38.50 per venue.


It is a fact that a group advertisement is not only the cheapest per head way of getting information out to the public but also the best memory prompting solution. This is why a number of people set up franchises rather than going out on their own. The costs are extremely high for any individuals who need to get their message "out there".

Line dance instructors are similar to this. Individuals who are teaching and encouraging line dancing in their area, offer classes and events for the general public to attend. Printing or the mailing of letters for the normal line dance club of 12 people is not cost effective.

THE SOLUTION IS WHAT THE ASSOCIATION OFFERS. This year there is a number for promotional activities are occurring, for example, one of these was at Tamworth where 6,000 brochures where printed and distributed. The theme being "line dancing is friendly, fun and fantastic". This was to promote line dancing around Australia with each instructor name, location and phone number shown.

Whilst venue information is kept on our computer system at our office. Immediate class and event information can be accessed and down loaded from our web site. This is regularly up dated with data which is received through correspondence and the web site.

Newsletters, fliers and event pamphlets are e-mailed out to everyone on our computer lists (about 1300 people) as information comes to hand, and mailed out for all members of the association in the next mail out


In the last 5 years information has become freely available through the Internet. Web browsing and e-mail have generated the main traffic load. The association has also kept up with this advancement. WE OFFER FREE E-MAIL FORWARDING. For people trying to get around this “thing” of “forwarding” think of it this way, it is like having your snail mail forwarded from your old address where you used to live to your new address where you now live. You might say “so what” well, if you have an e-mail address of people might find it hard to remember or to type it out correctly. What we do at the Association is to give you (being the first name and last name initial). This looks more professional and is a lot easier to remember. The same principle applies for the website. WE OFFER FREE WEBSITE FORWARDING if you have which most ISP provide, again people might find it hard to type it out correctly. What we do is give you This looks more professional and is a lot easier to remember. WE ALSO OFFER FREE WEB BASED E-MAIL (like Hotmail & Yahoo). Just go to our web site and follow our directions. You may have a number of addresses like or or or and all of these “web base mail” can be accessed from ANY computer connected to the Internet.

We can also supply you with an economical ISP (Internet service provider) where you can have a web site & e-mail for a low cost of $9.99* per month or $1.50* per month for e-mail only both packages are in metropolitan and selected country areas. Just call the office.

Further Discounts

The association provides discounts on the following products:

Types, batteries and wheel alignments
CD Compilations

* Conditions apply

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