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Line Dance Association
Of Australia

Free E-mail and Web Site Forwarding
for Members

Why use email forwarding????......

(1) It is very easy for members to remember their address

(2) If you change your IPS ( the dial up connection people ) just tell us at the office and we will just change your forwarding address.

(3) It looks more professional.

What is Forwarding???????

Forwarding means that when an email is sent to the email comes into the server and is then redirected to "sue.t" mail box address which could be As far as anyone knows the address is They don't see the actual mailbox that you have. Also your return address would be This is easy to set up on your email system on your computer.Click here for details

This will allow members to have an address for e-mails that will remain constant irrespective of which e-mail server they choose. So if you decide to change e-mail servers or ISP (for whatever reason) your address remains the same. In this case, all you would need to do is notify the Association (by phoning) of your new address of the e-mail box and we will make to change and notify you when it is done. This usually takes less than 24 hours.

For people trying to get around this "thing" of "forwarding" think of it this way. It is like having your snail mail forwarded from your old home address where you used to live to your new home address where you now live. In another scenario, LDAA could have all its mail go to a mail box at Tamworth post office box and be redirected to the Sydney address. As far as anyone would know, the LDAA Office is based in Tamworth.

The same principle applies for website, if you have (for example) again people might find it hard to type it out correctly. What we do at the Association would give you This looks more professional and is a lot easier to remember.

PS If you donít have e-mail OR you donít know what we are talking about and would like to enter the world of the Internet just give the office a call or e-mail and we can assist in getting you started. We can supply a ISP (Internet Service Provider) for a low cost of only $9.99 a month.



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