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Line Dance Association
Of Australia

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Please try it and tell me what you think, this is a demo with dummy records. Field names can be changed and added depending on what we want.
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Welcome! You need to have an active account to access David's Bloody fantasic Data Base Demo. For the demo, you can use userid/passwords: 'admin/admin', 'author/author', 'guest/guest'.

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   Discussion Board for Management Committee Members Only

Please ensure that the New Article is the main Heading. Place any replies under these main headings. This will make it easier for anyone on the committee to follow the path of discussion. If you make a mistake just email and email the submit date and "subject heading" and it will be deleted.Please - MAKE SURE - You click on the main Article and this is open before you reply. Please quote original message and DO NOT TICK notify me box as everyone already gets a copy of any forum changes.

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