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Line Dance Association
Of Australia

Organisation Details as at 2003

Committee Members



Peter Heath


08 8281 4767

0407 970 418

Custodial Officer & Public Officer:


David Bowers


02 9981 2778

0413 122 469

Secretary & Treasurer


Georgina Parker


02 9981 2778

0413 731 693


Sue Simon


03 9527 6978

Jenny Walker


03 5885 2266

Kelvin Dale


02 9834 5760

0414 795 528

Tracey Cramm


02 6953 7538

0409 537 538

Bill Monsieur


02 4777 4718

0412 278 811

Chris Kumre


07 3390 2686

0407 378 713


Administration Officers


Lesley Bowers


02 9981 2778

Sid Bowers


02 9981 2778

Activity Area: The objects of the Association are to promote and encourage Western Line Dancing

What it Provides: Venue Information, Directory of Classes throughout Australia, Licencing for Public Performance, Specialised Line Dance Insurance, Advertising Services, Discount deals on CD for Instructors, Free e-mail and website forwarding services

Local Government: All Areas of Australia

General Information

This Organisation has contact with most line dance instructors throughout Australia. Information about classes, venues and events can be found on the web at or by ringing 02 9981 2778.

We are a non-profit organisation formed in 1994 with the idea of having a single organisation to assist, promote and encourage line dancing to enthusiasts throughout Australia.

This is achieved by actively supporting the members - both instructors and dancers - of the organisation through the interaction of information. Mail outs and return of questionnaires, e-mails and of course the web page. Membership is open to Professional (Instructors) and Associate (Dancers) with information going out to our "Internet members" as well.

Another goal of the Association was to help the "small" Professional Instructor to overcome the problems in setting up and maintaining line dance classes. (For example, licensing and insurance are two areas which the Association has had a major part in clarifying and reducing costs considerably.)


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