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Line Dance Association
Of Australia


LDAA/APRA Blanket Licence

The licence commences from 1st January 2003 until 31st December, 2003

APRA act on behalf of music copyright owners to administer certain rights which are granted under the Commonwealth Copyright Act 1968.

They do this by licensing and collecting licence fees from music users and then distributing the licence fees collected (as royalty payments) to the copyright owners those whose works have been used.

The organisations and individuals who receive royalties from APRA are members of APRA. These are the people who created the music you use!

If an individual or organisation wishes to use copyright music they will require a licence from APRA or AMCOS (subject to a few exceptions). If a licence is not obtained when required, a copyright user may infringe copyright laws.

The LDAA has permission to issue the following licences on behalf of APRA.

A. Basic - Classes only
A flat fee of $82.00 for classes (Basic) and
B. Socials - Classes and Socials
A flat fee of $120.00 for classes and social events (Socials) per instructor (covering multiple premises).

Information about the APRA Licence call:

Sid or Lesley at LDAA on Ph 02 9981 2778 Fax: 02 9981 2778
Mathew Fackrell at APRA on Ph: 02 9935 7936 fax: 02 9935 7790

or Email us at



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